At Justin Pauly Architects we believe that each project is the expression of a unique relationship between a structure, its occupants and the landscape in which both are to exist.

The structures we choose to create utilize both material and energy efficiently. We are expected to understand the technical challenges, the regulatory obstacles and the construction techniques by which our structures are shaped and we believe that, in the end, the buildings that emerge from each process should be structurally sound, visually pleasing, and live lightly on the land.

The occupants we serve may, or may not, be our clients. Regardless, we recognize that they will enrich the spaces we create and in order to fully serve them we must understand their culture, their needs and their own vision for the process we are embarking on together. Architecture is very much an act of listening.

The landscape in which we have chosen to work is that of California. It is a diverse setting of coastline, forests, deserts and valleys. There are cities, suburbs, farms and wilderness, and each context should dictate its own varied architectural solution. It is vital that a building react to both its immediate surroundings and its larger “place.” In our opinion, all good works of architecture have done just that.