Carmel Passive House

Designed as a coastal retreat for a pair of busy young professionals, this LEED Platinum Certified home is a direct response to a tight lot in the seaside town of Carmel, California. It is Monterey County’s first certified Passive House, and received Fine Homebuilding’s Best New Home Award of 2013.

Los Altos Remodel

While designing this substantial remodel and addition, great care was taken to preserve the street elevation of the existing 1920’s Mediterranean dwelling, which exhibits the clean lines and simple massing that was a hallmark of this great period of California Architecture.

Healdsburg House

Managed by Justin Pauly while at Siegal & Strain Architects, this home design is a response to the pastoral views from the site and the clients’ wish for a structure that recalls the traditional farmhouses of the region. Abundant outdoor space in the form of trellised, screened, and open porches allow for year round enjoyment of the home’s exquisite natural setting.

Angelo Reserve

The University of California’s Angelo Reserve Science Center was a project managed by Justin Pauly while working at Siegel & Strain Architects. Materials include wood culled from the Reserve, structure orientation minimizes summer heat gain, and the buildings are shaped to take maximum advantage of natural ventilation.

Palo Alto Remodel

This project was a complete reconfiguration of the upper level of a Palo Alto Craftsman. The home had suffered a patchwork of interventions over the years, many of which were cleaned up in the course of this remodel. Additionally, the home’s expansive urban site was entirely re-landscaped.

Menlo Park Remodel

By expanding and opening up the floor plan of this stately home in Menlo Park, we were able to add a bedroom, powder room and entry hall to the front of the house, while combining the existing dining and living rooms to create a more family-friendly great room.

Carmel Valley House

Linear with deep overhangs and lightly detailed brise-soleil, this home enjoys dramatic views down the California coast while not being overpowered by the glare of the setting sun to the west. A central north/south gallery functions both as the main circulation corridor and a display space for the clients collection of modern art.

Alvarodo Street Seating

In response to a City of Monterey design competition, Justin Pauly Architects developed and proposed this sidewalk seating along Monterey’s main thoroughfair, Alvarado Street. The project has been selected by the City for development and construction documents are in progress.